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Osteoarthritis clinical trials

If you are diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and are currently taking medications for this condition, then one of our clinical trials may be suitable for you.

We are currently enrolling volunteers to take part in our clinical trials for people living with Osteoarthritis

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Clinical studies are the backbone of drug development

Have you ever thought closely about the contents of your medicine cabinet? The medicines inside may have different purposes, but they have one big thing in common before reaching you, they underwent years of scientific studies to ensure they were safe for you to take. These research studies are called clinical studies. 

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About Accelacare

Accellacare conducts clinical trials at its research centres. All their studies are approved by Pharma-Ethics Research Ethics Committee and SAHPRA, as well as an independent ethics committee and are conducted by professional, highly trained doctors and nurses who understand the importance of looking after clinical trial volunteers.

More information about Accellacare can be found at: www.accellacare.com

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